Passing Time

Your skin like dawn

Mine like musk

One paints the beginning of a certain end.

The other, the end of a sure beginning. 

-Maya Angelou

The Fault in Our Stars

"the voracious ambition of humans is never sated by dreams coming true, because there is always the thought that everything might be done better and again"

~ How To Be Friends With Another Woman

Girl friends are important. Appreciate them!

~ Our Words Are Our Weapons

Words have power. They are things.

"If you lack words for a phenomenon, an emotion, a situation, you can’t talk about it, which means that you can’t come together to address it, let alone change it. "

Caged Bird

Our conversations vary on the morning commute to school. Today was different.

I was shook yesterday by Dr. Maya Angelou’s passing. It’s an unearthing feeling to be so moved and captivated by a stranger you feel you knew.

This morning they were playing renditions of her poems with music in the background on the radio. We were not talking. We were listening.

Then she says to me “Mommy that sounds like the girl who was on the TV at Grandma’s house.”

“That is her, her name is Maya Angelou, but she’s not a girl she’s a woman, and she died yesterday.”

 “Why did she die, mommy?”

“Because she was sick, but she lived an amazing life and was 86 years old, she traveled the world and wrote poems and stories. When you get older we can read some of her poems and stories.”

“I want to her hear her poems now Mommy”

 I read to her the angelic words of Caged Bird as she sat in her car seat listening silently.  It amazes me how observant children are. Their thirst for knowledge is insatiable and to be admired. As her mother I will continue to cultivate and nurture that thirst hoping that it’s never diminished. 

 My little tribute to Dr. Maya Angelou…

~ Why Steve Harvey Needs to Have a Seat